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Thank you for visiting South Florida Computer Specialists for all your computer repair needs. Here at South Florida Computer Specialists we specialize in keeping your business in business when your computers are not working properly. We take pride in providing customized solutions for all your computer problems. Customer Service and Satisfaction are the highest priority , before we work on your computers , we listen to you first. We will fix it right the first time every time. We promise to speak in terminology that you understand not “geek speak” that you don't. We promise to treat you and your employees with respect and understanding and we won’t take a superior attitude about your business and your technology needs. For the best computer repair in Boca  Raton , Deerfield  and Pompano Give us a call today. Having a wireless problem or virus problem don't hesitate to call now! Serving customers   for all of South Florida including, Delray , Boynton, and all of West Palm Beach,                                                 

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Computer Repair and IT Support

At South Florida Computer Specialists We take a different approach to Computer Repair and support. We take a proactive approach to maintaining your systems and believe in prevention. So you don't have to spend countless dollars and repair and support. We believe in talking to our customers so they understand the benefits of proactive maintaining their systems , so in the long run you spend more time doing the things you want  with your computer instead of waiting for your computer to be repaired.  To experience a new approach to taking care of your computer Give us a Call  Today!

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How to Find a Dependable Boca Raton Computer Repair Service

You’ve probably experienced it before, that blue error screen or maybe your computer wouldn’t come on at all. Computers can be very useful tools when they’re working correctly or extremely frustrating when they’re not. If we expect our computers to function properly they need regular maintenance, but even so they can still stop working. If you run a business or work from home you know that computer problems can bring everything to a grinding halt. 

Even if you’re able to handle some computer problems yourself, you may find there’s a time when you simply need a knowledgeable Boca Raton computer repair tech to help you out. It seems that nearly anyone can claim to be an expert at computer repair, so it can be difficult to know who you can rely on. How is anyone supposed to know if a computer repair service is really reputable? If you expect to find the best Boca Raton computer repair person to work on your computer you’re in the right place look around and you will come to the same conclusion. We are Certified and Insured , a step a head of the rest because we are the best.

Boca Raton Computer Repair: Reliable Service and Reasonable Rates

You should ask if the Boca Raton computer repair company technicians have certification for your brand name of computer. A qualified computer repair service will have technicians that can work on a variety of computer brands and take care of the most complex computer repair problems. Many major computer manufacturers provide brand-specific certification programs for computer repair technicians. Having a certified Boca Raton computer repair service won’t guarantee that your computer will be fixed but it’s a good sign that they have the knowledge to know what’s wrong with it.

Ask about pricing. You may find a a Boca Raton computer repair service that charges by the job fee but most will charge you an hourly rate. Find a company that can give you an upfront estimate before they start any work. Make sure the technician will call you for an approval if your computer needs any work beyond their initial quote. Find out if there is a service or diagnostic fee. Boca Raton computer repair technicians may charge you for a service call even if they are unable to fix your machine.

Ask the Boca Raton computer repair company what their policy is if they can’t fix your computer. Of course it would seem logical that you shouldn’t be charged if the technician can’t fix your computer, but many companies will still charge you for their time and effort so this may be a feature you’ll want to ask about up front.At South Florida Computer Specialists we have flat rate in store and on site pricing to take the guess work out for you , own a business? we offer fixed rate monthly pricing so you can lower your IT costs.

Is the Boca Raton Computer Repair Work Guaranteed?

Is there a guarantee on the work performed by the Boca Raton computer repair service? Be sure you get a guarantee on the work that was done. If you get your computer back but it’s still not working, you’ll be out a lot of money and possibly have no recourse without a guarantee. Some computer repair companies will offer a limited 30 to 90 day guarantee on their services but some will actually guarantee their work for as long as 6 months. Computer parts manufacturers may offer other guarantees on the parts.

If your computer is malfunctioning, or has died completely, you need to find a reputable Boca Raton computer repair company. You may need to spend a little time but if you find a reliable repair company it’s going to be a very important aspect in getting your computer functioning properly again. Nearly all Boca Raton computer repair technicians are experienced in their field. Getting one that you can rely on to does the job properly will definitely contribute to the long life of your computer.

Look no further we offer the strongest Guarantee in Boca Raton click to check it out.

On Site or in the Shop Boca Raton Computer Repair ?

Start by searching for a Boca Raton computer repair company that offers on site repair. You’ll probably hesitate to send your computer out for repairs if you’re in a rush to get it working right away. With on site computer repair becoming the norm you can often have your computer back in service in just a few hours or less. You'll surely find South Florida Computer Specialists to be your best option.

Of course there are times when a computer is beyond a quick fix and it might need to be taken to the shop. You might have important files or sensitive data on the hard drive. We all know we should regularly back up our data but the truth is a lot of us don’t. People really don’t think their computer will just quit working. But if it does, it can be a little scary to put your computer in the hands of someone you don’t know. You want a Boca Raton computer repair technician that wills safe guard your data and your privacy.

If your computer does have to head to the shop for repairs ask the Boca Raton computer repair service what kind of turnaround time they have. If the shop is very busy or has to order parts it could take a couple of weeks before you see your computer again. In most cases it should only be a couple of days but it can depend on how busy the shop is or if they find they have to send your computer out to be fixed. A Boca Raton computer repair company may have to send your computer back to the manufacturer for repairs or to have specific parts replaced. Ask the technician if your computer can be repaired in their shop or if they’ll need to ship it to the manufacturer. You might be able to get a time frame for how long you’ll be without your computer. If doing without your computer for more than a couple of days is going to be a problem, you might need to look elsewhere. At South Florida Computer Specialists we take all this into consideration before we work on you computer , fast and affordable. Click here to find our Drop off location

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